The village of Kailashpuri is famous for its 108 temples enclosed by a high, fortified wall. This complex was known as the Shri Eklingji temple, is associated with Lord Shiva. Some of the structures date back to the 15th Century. The
main temple, built of marble & granite, has an enormous double-storied hall under a vast pyramidal roof. The regaining deity is the four-faced Shiva carved in black marble. Yet another temple in the complex is the Lakulish Temple, built in 971 A.D. It is the only temple of the Lakulish Sect in the whole of India.

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Nagda was once the capital of Mewar. Some of the temples here date back to the 10th Century. The most notable is the Sas-Bahu Ka Mandir, a temple dedicated to the mother-in-law & daughter (they should build a few mother-in-law / son-in-law temples in the West, possibly making the occasional sacrifice!). It is a beautiful temple adorned with intricate carvings.

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   Nathdwara (48Km)
When the Emperor Aurangzeb prohibited idol-worship, devout Hindus decided to move their statue of Shrinathji to a safer place. During the move, their chariot got totally stuck in the mud. This was taken as a divine sign that the statue wished to rest there, and a temple was erected which was named Shrinathji-ka-Mandir.

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This small, traditional town near Haldighati is renowned for the production of terra cotta ware. Over forty households are involved (although they originate from two families) in working the fine black local clay into fantastic and beautiful items. Perhaps the most important object made there are the figures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Typical Rajput figures, decorated tiles and animals are also exquisitely modelled. Besides these, all sorts of bowls, pots & crockery are made and decorated with folklore patterns.

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   Ranakpur( 90 Km)


A tiny settlement at the foot of wild and picturesque hills, Ranakpur boasts one of the India's finest Jain temples, dedicated to Adhinathji. Work begun on the temple in the 15th Century and the dedicated work went on for hundreds of years. This vast, amazing structure is of creamy marble. No glass is used and no electricity employed, so the temple has a simplicity despite its intricacy. One noteworthy point is that it contains1444 beautifully carved pillars, no two of which are alike.

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   Haldighati (40Km)
Known as 'the Yellow Vale1 because the earth is the colour of haldi (turmeric). This was the site of the famous battle of 1576 between Maharana Pratap & Emperor Akbar. The battlefield was in a narrow pass that ends in a wide plain. It was on this plain that the main battle was fought. The Maharana was seriously wounded and his faithful horse, Chetak, carried him to safety. There is a memorial to this loyal horse in Haldighati.
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   Chavand (60 Km)

Maharana Pratap had a country retreat here, and it was here that he died in 1597 due to a huntingaccident. The People of the Bheel tribe inhabit the wild countryside of this area. Bheels were very proficient archers and use to support Pratap in battle. There is a fine statue of Pratap & four of his aides.
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   Kumbhalgarh Fort (84 Km)

The vast bastion, built by Rana Kumbha in the mid 15th century, stands at 1,100 m & was once almost inaccessible. Only once was it captured due to its water supply being contaminated by an enemy agent. Apart from this, it remained safe through the turbulent history of the region. Within its complex there are palaces, temples, fields and water resources sufficient to withstand even the longest siege. Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.

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   Jagat Temple (58Km)

The magnificent temple of Jagat is dedicated to the deity Ambika Mata and is famed for its richness of erotic sculptures which bear a similarity with Khajuraho For those with an interest in Hindu art and architecture, Jagat should not be missed.
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   Jaisamand Lake (48 Km)

Measuring 14km, bySKms. at its widest point, this is one of the largest man-made lakes in Asia. Maharaja Jai Singh created it in the 17th century utilizing the waters of Gomti River. Encircled by hills and with a number of summer palaces along the shore, the lake is a natural and peaceful haven. There are eleven islands on the lake , some of which provide sanctuary inhabited by several species of migratory birds. The nearby wildlife sanctuary is also worth a visit. There is a number of resort hotels catering for those who would appreciate a break from the noise and turnoil of the city.

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